Alien squirrels in Flanders

Goedele Verbeylen writes:

Sciurotamias davidianusSciurotamias davidianus

“In August 2005 we found out about a park (size 5 ha) in Flanders where a population of alien squirrels is present for about 2 years now. They reproduce well (they estimate about 20-30 animals present now) and start to do serious damage to the trees (and also to an electric cable). There are also sightings 1-2 km outside the park. The government wants to trap them as soon as possible. At first we did not know what species they are, but subsequently we received information about the species from a nearby pet shop. It is believed to be Sciurotamias davidianus, a species that the pet shop sold about 8 years ago.

“It’s about the size of a red squirrel, relatively short fur, no earplugs, fur color is brownish (the hairs are alternatively black and yellow) with a yellowish belly. On the pictures it may look a bit grey, but that’s because of the reflection when I took the pictures, it’s really brownish.”

Hopefully, Goedele will keep us updated about the situation in Flanders.

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