Northern Ireland Squirrel Forum – 24 November 2009

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) is hosting the Northern Ireland Squirrel Forum on the 24 November 2009. The forum has been inactive for several years but there is renewed enthusiasm to conserve the red squirrel in Ireland.  For further details, please go to:

The advance of the grey squirrel across Northern Ireland has been relentless and over the last 3 years the situation appears to have deteriorated.  The NIEA is excited by the commitment expressed by members of the 3 local squirrel groups and would like to hear for people across Northern Ireland that feel that could volunteer some time to support the red squirrel here.  The NIEA would particularly like to have organised groups running in the south-west and north-west of the NI. Also note that the NIEA are currently supporting an MSc project run by Queens University Belfast looking into the specific needs of red squirrels in the Glens of Antrim with the aim of developing a local species action plan and are considering supporting other research projects. Further information about local squirrel groups and other NIEA involvment can be obtained from: Dr Jon Lees, Wildlife Officer, Biodiversity Unit, Northern Ireland Environment Agency, Klondyke Building, Cromac Ave., Gasworks Business Park, Belfast BT7 2JA. Tel: 028 905 69551

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