Red squirrels thriving on the Isle of Arran

A recent study by a team of scientists led by Prof. Anna Meredith (Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh) has found that the red squirrels on the Isle of Arran are fit and in good health with no signs of the presence of squirrelpox virus. Arran is one of 19 Scottish red squirrel strongholds and particularly important because there are no grey squirrels on the island. The study, funded by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species and Forestry Commission Scotland, has featured widely in the news (Times, Scotsman (photo!!!), Metro, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Record, Herald, Courier, Evening Telegraph, CBBC, STV News) also looked at ways to safeguard the population into the future including managing the forests in ways that will benefit the red squirrels.

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