About This Site

SquirrelWeb is the one-stop information centre for all your squirrel needs!

It is the evolution of the Skia-oura European Newsletter that was first circulated in January 1999.

The SquirrelWeb Team

SquirrelWeb is maintained by an international team of researchers and enthusiasts:

  • John Gurnell (UK)
  • John Koprowski (North America)
  • Karl Larsen (North America)
  • Peter Lurz (UK)
  • Luc Wauters (Mainland Europe)
  • Dave Gurnell (Untyped)

We need your help!

To make Squirrelweb really useful, we need your contributions. You can help by sending us:

  • contact names addresses, email addresses, telephone and/or fax numbers for the people and organizations pages;
  • details of projects (new, ongoing or completed) for the projectspage;
  • details of new publications (1999 onwards) for the publicationspage;
  • questions for us to answer on the FAQ page;
  • pictures for the Flickr account;
  • news items or comments on any aspect of the site.

Email your contributions to john at squirrelweb.