Equipment and Software

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Animal Marking


Radiotracking equipment

Wildlife telemetry manufacturing

Analytical software


  • Illinois Natural History Survey -Clearing House for Ecological Software. Web:
  • Programs for Ecological Methodology Version 6.1 Exeter Software 47 Route 25A, Suite 2, Setauket, NY 11733-2870 USA. Tel: 1-631-689-7838, Toll-free within USA: 800-842-5892. FAX: 1-631-689-0103, A wide range of techniques including population estimation. Accompanment to the book by C.R. Krebs (1999) Ecological Methodology 2nd Edit. Longman. ISBN: 0060437847

Estimating population size

  • Software Developed by Department of Fishery and Wildlife Biology and Colorado Coop. Fish and Wildlife Unit, Colorado State University. Programs include:
    • Mark – provides parameter estimates from marked animals when they are re-captured at a later time.
    • Capture – a set of tests to select a model from 11 possible models, and then the population estimate for capture-recapture data on closed populations.
    • Release – computes survival estimates based on capture-recapture of marked populations.

Estimating home range size and movement

  • Anatrack Ltd – Ranges 6 software for the analysis and presentation of ranging behaviour data
  • Wildtrack – software for the anlaysis of radio-tracking and other locational data (OS Mackintosh)